Jackdaw Leisure manages the commercial interests of all our managed properties. We identify and develop business opportunities and ensure profitable management of projects and contracts from inception to completion. Jackdaw’s commercial manager, Mike Oberholster, is responsible for overseeing the commercial aspect of our client’s business and identifying commercial opportunities. Mike’s role entails putting together bids to win new business, negotiating and agreeing contracts and continually improving procedures, standards and business policies.


We believe that in order to make smart commercial judgements, it is essential that our business decisions are based on accurate facts and figures. The processes and procedures Jackdaw has in place for efficiently running our park’s finances enables us to successfully spot commercial opportunities by providing a source of accurate data about the business.



We are continually looking to reduce areas of weaknesses in our client’s business structure and harness the strengths of the business to improve commercial and financial performance.


We make sure we analyse and understand the current trends of the wider market. By staying aware of the broader business context, we can be confident we’re basing our commercial strategies and decisions on a wider perspective.