What you can expect from the Jackdaw finance team:

  • A thorough understanding of the financial history and current position of your business
  • A long term financial plan including financial projections, assumptions and how Jackdaw will deliver your business objectives
  • Controls such as purchase order systems and time management systems
  • Departmental budgets and staff accountability for delivering the budget
  • Simple, understandable processes implemented across the business.


Jackdaw’s finance department is overseen by Mike Oberholster, our Non-executive Finance Director. Mike has 13 years’ professional experience in finance across a wide range of industries and can be relied upon to take charge of your business’s financial affairs.


Where finance is concerned, we believe in keeping things simple and adhering to three central principals: Control, Accountability and Ease.


As a finance function we work closely with the operational teams and enable them to control their spend. We have accomplished this by introducing Purchase Control which ensures Jackdaw are in complete control of the operational spend. We’ve also introduced a time management system which not only allows us to monitor the park staffing levels, but also the departmental staffing hours. The processes and systems we’ve put in place enable accurate data collection which proves invaluable when it comes to informing commercial decisions.


We hold our staff to account by setting very detailed annual budgets and allocating them to the department heads. It is the department head’s responsibility for budget delivery. We report back on these monthly to the department heads and analyse the variances to determine where improvements are to be made.


‘Make it simple’ is our motto in the finance function. We do our utmost to ensure that all systems are user friendly, reports are easily understood and that we provide the operational teams with the information they require to do their jobs. By making the finance transparent, we can ensure that the financial needs of the business are effectively communicated across the entire business and therefore adhered to.