Jackdaw’s operations team oversees the smooth running of our clients’ businesses.  In order to ensure the smooth running of a holiday park, Jackdaw controls budgets, staffing and spending. KPI reviews are also used to constantly monitor the business and ensure performance targets are being met.


As in any business, time is money, which is why Jackdaw is continually looking for ways of improving efficiency across the business. Time management systems, effective rotas and continued monitoring of all supplier costs and invoices help Jackdaw maintain a high level of efficiency.



Naturally, as with any growing business, there will be frequent periods where the business undergoes a lot of changes. In order to ensure all runs smoothly during these times of transition, it is necessary to maintain control of the entire process, from planning and logistics through to delivery.


By controlling the planning, Jackdaw can make certain the operations team and the park is fully prepared for the new development or service being put into place. We can also ensure that there is minimum disruption to the business while the project is ongoing. Planning is paramount to building a growing park and a vital element in ensuring the success of a project.


By controlling the logistics, Jackdaw can make sure the project is well executed and, for the most part, delivered on time and on budget. Dealing with things such as: costing of the project, requisition of the materials and commissioning of the works, either to the onsite team or external contractors, helps us effectively control the implementation of our plans. Jackdaw is capable of taking on both large and small scale projects in this way.


As well as controlling specific projects, it is important to take control of the business generally as a whole. Jackdaw accomplishes this by using a number of different processes and policies. Some examples are: a time management system, a booking system, a purchase control system and park management system. These systems serve the dual purpose of helping us control the business and increase efficiency. We are experts in facility and asset management.


It is important to manage the general day to day maintenance work and services taking place on park as well as the one-off projects. Jackdaw oversee all our maintenance teams to make sure the work is done to a high standard and that it is completed on time and in budget.

Jackdaw also makes sure that all work adheres to health and safety guidelines. In all our managed properties we utilise known monitoring systems including PRIME systems to ensure all businesses are compliant and procedures adhered to. Through these systems we cover all health and safety, COSHH, contractor agreements, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly monitoring and any other direct to business responsibilities including pool management and fishing lakes.